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Happy Birthday to @euge_niya . A friend for life. A sister from another mother. She been by me since since charley. Words can’t explain the big heart this girl got. Her Smiles, Her Sorrows and all the Up’s & Down’s iStill was there cos she deserves every bit of that. Its her Birthday today. I pray God blesses her till she can’t take no more. Show some love my odoyewu baako pɛ @euge_niya 😘😘😘. Happy Birthday bebelino baako pɛ ☝️🎊🎉

Happy Birthday @grazyfrei God Bless you. 2years of friendship and still counting. The silly arguments alone 😂🙌. The ideas we’ve shared. Just glad you in my life. But still we gonne argue and fight all the time tho 😩. Could consider you today cos its your Earthday. Have a blast and I’m still waiting for my Jollof 😭. Show my silly psychopath and annoying friend @grazyfrei some love #LLNP 🎉🎊

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